Of Julia and Men

Author Peggy Hinaekian

Of Julia and Men

Finally the French translation of my novel is ready to be published.  Now to look for a publisher.  Big job.

Title:  Julia et ses Hommes, spicy and erotic.

Whoever has read the English version, could you please write an honest review on  I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

La Jolla Art Festival

I had a booth at the La Jolla Art and Wine Festival with my paintings and etchings.  It is the seventh year I am showing at this venue and it was not a great show.  Too much junk beside art is being shown.  Even a dentist, and a real estate booth. Ridiculous. People don’t even know the meaning of the word “etching” – I had to explain everything. I don’t mind it if they are really interested.  It should have been a book show because all I did was sell my book “Of Julia and Men.”  I find that as the years go by, people are less and less interested in art.  Too bad. It is such a passion for me.  I cannot live without it.  And now writing has also become a passion.  And I write short stories galore.  I will participate in a matchbox fiction writing contest. 40 words only.  I have already written three stories. Let me know if you like these etchings.  If you are interested I will send you my short, short, short stories.

La Jolla Art and Wine Festival

I participated in this festival on Oct. 7 and 8, 2017 and sold more books than art.  Had interesting conversations with women who bought my book. They all received a gift of a signed print. No man bought the book unfortunately. They still have to learn about passion. For most men it is ‘in and out’.  They are not very knowledgable about lovemaking. And those who know forget about it after being with the same woman for a number of years. So, what should women do?  Change men of course……

Prudishness of Americans

I did not know the extent of American prudishness until today. I am having an art show in La Jolla in October and a publicist got in touch with me to make a video of my art and post it on Instagram. I sent her some abstract images of my paintings and also some of my etchings. She wrote back saying that she can’t use the etchings because there are nipples in the pictures.  Ha, ha and ha.  What about the colossal statue of David in Florence in the street, where his genitals are in full view of adults and children?

I would love to have your comments.

Of Julia and Men

I am very excited. I am having the translation done of my book, into French. Can’t wait for it to be completed. I have contacted a few French language publishers who are interested in it. My translator has my voice and we get along perfectly together. So, keep your fingers crossed, it is coming…..

Of Julia and Men

I am doing a lot of readings and signings in libraries, bookstores and community centres. I have also joint the International Toastmasters Club and am doing some public speaking. I love it. I don’t make notes. I like speaking spontaneously. Will be doing three readings in April and May. One on April 12 at the Pompano Beach Library – if you are not from Pompano, you may not be able to fine the library.  Another at the Main Library in Fort Lauderdale, on April 13 and a third one on May 20 at the Carver Branch Library – way out west of Fort Lauderdale.  If you have not read the book, please go to – great reviews on




My book “Of Julia and Men”

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog. A lot has been happening since then. I am having the novel translated into French. Two publishers would like to publish it – one in France and another in Switzerland – but I have to pay for the translation. They are not big name publishers. I am having great reviews on – please check them out. And if you are an Amazon client (anything you have bought from Amazon), would you please write me a review – if you liked the book. I would appreciate it.

I have been giving quite a few readings and signings in different venues in Florida and California and they have been quite successful. Anytime I open my mouth I sell a book. I am very happy about that.

Signing of my novel “Of Julia and Men”

I had a signing event at Warwick’s Bookstore in La Jolla on Sunday, July 10 from 12 noon to 2 pm. It went rather well, had a lot of interest and sold many books.  I gave away 4 signed prints of the Four Seasons as a bonus to purchasers of my book. I need more marketing. Have to contact many bookstores but also painting at the same time, my time is limited. Marketing a book is a full time job.  I have all the ideas but no time. Need an assistant badly but she has to be better than me and know more than me and FEEL like me. Any candidates?

One of the interesting features of my novel is that it is illustrated by me. I have put 26 images of my etchings inside, in front of each chapter. They are all very sensual etchings that have something to do with the chapter. The hard bound copy of the book can be a good coffee table book, as people would look at the images and daydream.

I am very grateful to all my friends who have encouraged me in my ventures and some of them have actually LIVED the novel. I am perpetually living it myself.

I have to start writing my second book, it is all in my head but with all that I have to do, it is sitting on the back burner.

Here is one of my etchings. Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.37.42 PM






other novels

Since I wrote my novel “Of Julia and Men”, I have become very critical of other writings. Very rare that I am mesmerized by them. I want to be part of what I’m reading but sometimes it just does not happen.  Authors tend to write long drawn out descriptions of places, or what secondary characters are wearing – boring…..Dialogue does  not seem to be scintillating.  And sometimes situations are just not credible. Now, I have had a long, very interesting life and things have happened to me and to my friends.  I am an avid listener of other peoples’ stories. They are fabulous out of the norm experiences which I try to put down on paper. I have had hilarious conversations, hilarious letters, hilarious encounters. Some of them are in this book, others will be in my other books. I am so very fascinated about men/women relationships.  I often watch married or unmarried couples and try to find out whether they are compatible. I imagine them in bed and most of the time, the vision is just not right. I also seem to be somewhat psychic and when I attend a wedding, I am able to predict how long the marriage will last.  I have always been right.

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